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Date: 2008-03-14 17:09:07
Press Release


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all the details for the release of
MICHAEL KISKE new album entitled "Past In Different Ways" on May 9th 2008.

This much talked about album includes the reworking in a new fully acoustic
and stripped back mood of some of Helloween's classics that Kiske wrote and
recorded in his early days with the legendary German Heavy Metal band. "When
Serafino Perugino brought up the idea to do this record" says Michael, "my
first reaction was: "No way! I don't want to be dealing with my past all the
time anymore!". But after a few days my thinking changed and I thought:
maybe it's not such a bad idea at all? Because on one hand it shows that I
don't reject my past just because I'm a different person today and on the
other hand it can maybe give people who were part of that past a different
view at those songs. It's my music, I can still identify myself with its
spirit, so why should I not do this?".

Working in a creatively free environment helped Michael to look at his past
with different eyes and brought the idea of working again on the songs that
Michael wrote for Helloween during his years with the band. The result is
"Past In a Different Ways", a record which includes brand new recordings of
Kiske's songs taken off the two "Keeper" albums, "Chameleon" and "Pink
Bubbles Go Ape", plus the brand new song "Different Ways".

The unconventional arrangements of many of the tracks will surprise and
delight many of his fans and more surprising is to see how well these songs
sound with a basic acoustic arrangement, without the "useless weight" and
with new keys. "Songs like 'In The Night' or 'When The Sinner' which where
never favourites of mine are much cooler and much more convincing now for my
ears", says Michael.

The album was recorded and mixed in Hamburg under Michael Kiske's direction
and features long time collaborators such as Sandro Giampietro on guitar,
Fontaine Burnett on bass and Karsten Nagel on drums.

Kiske concludes: "It was not always easy for me emotionally to deal with
this material. Music somehow seems to preserve emotional memories and I
connect big human disappointments with the last years of that time. There's
also something very unsatisfying about re-recording old songs; it's always
MUCH better to write new stuff, but I wanted to make those songs mine again.
And in spite of the fact that I strongly felt for the last couple of years
that I rather have to build myself a new base of friends, it's always good
to make peace with your past".

Final tracklisting of "Past In Different Ways" include the following tracks: 

  • You Always Walk Alone 
  •  We Got The Right
  • I Believe
  • Longing
  • Your Turn
  • Kids Of The Century
  • In The Night
  • Going Home
  • A Little Time
  • When The Sinner
  • Different Ways (brand new song).

    "Past In Different Ways" will see the light in Europe on May 9th 2008 on
    Frontiers Records.



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