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Date: 2008-03-29 08:45:17
Kiske & Timo Tolkki

Hi [NAME], 

in the latest issue of Finland's Soundi magazine, STRATOVARIUS mainman Timo Tolkki reveals that he has formed a new band called REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE, which is believed to have been the working title of the now apparently aborted new STRATOVARIUS album. The group's debut CD — which will feature guest appearances by Michael Kiske, Pasi Rantanen (vocals; THUNDERSTONE), Mirka Rantanen (drums; THUNDERSTONE), Pasi Heikkilä (bass; 45 DEGREE WOMAN) and Tobias Sammet (vocals; EDGUY) — is tentatively due this summer via Frontiers Records.

Michael Kiske indeed confirmed his participation on this CD saying that the songs and the lyrics are quite good. Michi recorded his lead-vocals for five complete songs, including the title-track Revolution Renaissance.




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