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CDs arrow Michael Kiske arrow Kiske Somerville CD & DVD

Kiske Somerville CD & DVD

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Kiske/Somerville is a result of the collaboration between vocalist Michael Kiske (Helloween, Place Vendome) and American singer Amanda Somerville. The album was born as a concept put together thanks to the input of Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino. "I did a duet with a female singer on "Breathe in Water" by Indigo Dying", explained Kiske. "It was so nice that he offered me a chance to make an album of all duet songs with a famous female singer."

The album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting, with more contributions from the former After Forever guitarist Sander Gommans and Amanda Somerville herself. Mat Sinner oversaw the production and mixing of the songs at various recording studios in Europe.

Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who works mostly in Germany and was involved in many productions of German producers Sascha Paeth and Miro. She was tapped to replace Dutch vocalist Simone Simons on the Epica’s North American tour with Symphony X due to Simons’ health issues. Amanda featured also on Kamelot's penultimate release, Ghost Opera, and most recent album, Poetry for the Poisoned and in the symphonic metal project Aina and recently toured with Avantasia.

"When Mat Sinner asked me if I wanted to be the 'other half' of the face of the album, I was very honored and quite looking forward to working more closely with Michael Kiske" tells Amanda. "We’d both been involved in various projects over the years together, such as Aina and Avantasia, but it was always through third parties and we didn’t sing together like we do here. It’s not for nothing that Michael’s a legend in the scene. He’s got a very unique voice, a special delivery of his performance and is a wonderful person on top of it all. This has been a great experience all across the board!". Kiske adds "To sing together with the gifted and beautiful Amanda was another genius idea of Serafino! And it was a most pleasant experience to meet her. Amanda has by far the best female voice I have heard for ages. And the album is a killer."[1]

Two videoclips were filmed for the songs "Silence" and "If I Had a Wish" in Nurnberg, Germany. Joining Kiske and Somerville for the shoot were bassist and main composer Mat Sinner, guitarist Sander Gommans (After Forever), drummer Ramy Ali and keyboardist Jimmy Kresic (Voodoo Circle). The clips were directed by Martin Mueller of RCN TV, who previously helmed the videoclip production for Unheilig, Subway to Sally, Helloween, U.D.O. and Gotthard.

The Bonus DVD includes videoclips of "Silence" and "If I Had a Wish", plus a 'Making of' documentary.


1."Nothing Left to Say" Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson 4:37
2."Silence" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 6:21
3."If I Had a Wish" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 4:20
4."Arise" Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville 3:14
5."End of the Road" M. Sinner, Jimmy Kresic 5:10
6."Don't Walk Away" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 4:31
7."A Thousand Suns" S. Gommans, A. Somerville 3:58
8."Rain" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 3:47
9."One Night Burning" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 4:04
10."Devil in Her Heart" M. Sinner, J. Kresic 4:25
11."Second Chance" M. Sinner, M. Karlsson 4:55
12."Set a fire" S. Gommans, A. Somervillebonus track3:58


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