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Art Will Change The World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lolo Froiz   
Tuesday, 12 September 2006
  • At first big thanks for letting me do this interview. At the same time i wanted to tell you “congratulations” for your new album. Now I wanted to shot some questions about your solo career for all your fans in Spain and around the world.
    At the same time you started your solo career, you started a career as a writer too (a book and also many essays) editing only in German.
    Do you used to write before to start your solo career?

 Yes, I did, but I only started later to make it available to people.

  • I must confess that I didn’t read all what you wrote but I know the main topics of your writings. The most about philosophy & religion.
    What’s the topic you enjoy more writing about it?

It all goes together. Your life-philosophy effects the way I look at everything. Actually I'm writing mainly about Anthroposophy and Art-philosophy.

  • As time goes by all your fans are starting to see you more as a Humanist than a musician. Well, don’t let me be misunderstood, what I really mean is that your fans are starting to be more interested in other things you are involved. So I wanted to ask you if you feel the music in the same way you did in the past. I mean, is still one of the most important things of your life?

Yes it is; it actually has become much more important again, because I've sort of (re)found music to be the perfect instrument to reach people morally. Art does and will change the world morally in the future, not politics. Even religiousness has it's best from of expression in art. And since the best music is always the most authentic: people who understand me as a Humanist (better a Christian), also understand my music better. So that goes together just fine.

  • From some years onwards Michi seems to be a very religious person. My question is… had you always been a very religious person or did you experience any bad personal situation that made you approach to religion in a special way?

I always was, but as you grow older and change or have unpleasant experiences, you learn. And especially since Anthroposophy it has become much, much more important to my life. In the end music is nothing material, it's spirit, so the more spiritual you become, the better your songs can be. Materialism is just another word for a horrible superficiality of the soul; and the less superficial we are, the better our art will be.

  • tell us what was the last book you read? And the last cd´s you bought?

I never read just one book. Usually about 5 – 10. At the moment I am reading: Wladimir Solowjew, his second book about the UNA SANCTA. -
Rudolf Steiner GA 168, the connection between the living and the dead. -
Herbert Wimbauer: The flesh-becoming if the  Maitreya. -
A great Friedrich Schiller biography by Peter Lahnstein. -
Friedrich Schelling's early writings -
And also Martin Luther. ...

  • about your new album. I wanted to ask you about the no presence of electric guitars in relation with the other albums. Don´t you like to listen electric guitars at your works? Maybe are you finally bored of electric guitars? and at the same time I would like to know if you keep on listening any rock band in the present days -We have no idea about the sales of your new album but will it be possible to see Kiske touring this year?

 There are many electric guitars on that album, just not so over-distorted as on Hardrock-records. My relationship to hard guitars is even worse than just being bored about it. I am certainly bored with anything that needs to be loud to convince, but I personally can't stand any really brutal guitar-sounds anymore. Those make me get a headache and feel sick inside. I don't listen to much else besides classical music anyway. The sort of modern bands I still like are: U2, Coldplay, Keane, Sheryl Crow etc.  The hardest music I am listening to these days is Queen. I still love them!

  • Many of your Spanish and South-American fans can be wondering about the topic of the songs of your new album. Could you tell us please about the meaning of the lyrics?

Just emotions captured in words. Painting with lines to express an inner state. They can't all really be explained; and I think they shouldn't either. A songs must speak for itself. And lyrics like FED BY STONES are pretty clear anyway. Others shall be open for interpretations.

  • In spite of some metalheads’s opinions, your solo career is really sincere with your thoughts & feelings and we can see this in every album you record . I tell you this because you did a contribution in some metal albums (masterplan, avantasia, tribuzy etc etc)  even though you said that you will never do metal anymore. Michi, could you tell us please for the last time why you did this contribution is this albums and if you would do it again if some of your “metal-friends” will ask you about it?

I have major problems with the Heavy-Metal-Scene today, the satanic-ideologies, antichrist and inhuman spirits, and also how art gets treated. But that doesn't mean that I hate everything that gets released under the banner of Metal. 5 Years ago I was still much easier talked into something like that, today I won't do too hard stuff anymore, because it doesn't do me any favour. There were different reasons for every project I did. Sometimes I simply liked the song. Next time I just wanted to do something with that person. Another time I just got talked into it. But real Metal-Songs won't get sung by me anymore. First of all because I 'm very tired of the crying of certain smart-asses.  And secondly I don't want to draw the intention of the wrong people into my direction anymore. I need to build MY audiences now. I will still do projects, but I will be very selective. Rock-songs like ONE VISION or HAMMER TO FALL from Queen are my very limit in hardness. Harder than that is negative in my eyes and damages the human soul.

  • There are rumours about an album in which you, Kai and Roland are going to work together. Is it just a rumour or are you thinking about releasing a new album with them the future?

We were talking about it, but it seems to be difficult to get the music together. It's very useless trying to talk me into anything brutal; and they (so far) don't seem to be able to get as excited as I am about music that's NOT giving sh***t about any scene or market or dogma. I would really like to do at least one last thing with Kai Hansen, but it depends on how much he can leave the Metal-Box and finds some joy in something less hard. We'll see.

  • You know very well that rumours come and go so I wanted to ask you to about the possibility to record a new Place Vendome album.

It was supposed to happen just now, but Dennis is busy doing other productions, so I can't tell you if or when. Not this year for sure.

  • Music is culture and no many people have enough money to get all what they want. Now I wanted to ask you about the illegal copies of albums distributed freely in the net. Don’t you think that people who used to buy records will be keep on buying music even though they can get it for free from the internet? And what about the effect caused by the internet in the sales, don’t you think that is the same effect that recordable tapes caused in the 80´s? What do you think about it, Michi?

Some of the music-fans do still support you fortunately, but the majority doesn't. And not having the money for all we want, doesn't justify for getting it illegally. Just because I can't afford a Ferrari doesn't mean I have the right to steal it! And just because you CAN steal the Ferrari of you neighbour doesn't mean you HAVE too. The big problem is the internet and the digital ages. Everybody is connected with everyone now, so it gets spread much more then ever before. Also unfortunately young people don't seem to have much of a social sense left. Most of them don't think farer than their noses are long. So if they can save a bug, they do it, no matter what the effect will be. Even over 70% of the people who enjoy my music today, do steal it and don't support me. As a result future productions of mine are getting more and more questionable. The big label UNIVERSAL is putting their complete catalogue for free downloading in the internet, because people don't buy their CDs anymore anyway! So they give the music for free and show them commercials while they download it! That's how they try to get the money in now! As a result to that it will feel even more normal to people not to ''waste'' money on music-art. So people like me (and smaller labels), who depend on every sold record, will face even harder times now. It's a fact: people don't think music is worth their money anymore, so also music is losing it's quality and true and free music will lose the possibilities to even exist. It's absolutely NOT working anymore with our music-culture. And if I stop producing records someday, there is a 95% possibility that it is because I simply can't afford it anymore. Good productions cost money! But since there's nothing coming in anymore, they must be done cheaper and cheaper, and faster and faster. But I personally always need a lot of time for writing songs, and I am not going to start cheap, weak productions now. But if you as a musician have to work six days a week in a normal job to pay your bills and rent now, you won't have the necessary time and energy left for being a full-hearted musician. And of course your music will suffer from it and sooner or later die. It is a very serious situation, and only a major MORAL change can help. -

  • Finally I want to tell you “Thanks a lot” for letting us do this interview. We really appreciate your work and we feel that you are one of the greatest voices of all the times in the history of rock so please feel free to say some words to everybody who read this interview

There are two simple lines as the essence of what any true music-culture needs to be based on to be able to live. The first is targeted towards the industry, the second towards the music-fan:

1.) - The Industry should never design musicians or music for markets. Instead free artists shall create true music, and than the industry must build markets FOR them.- (Everything else creates false art and culture.)

2.) - If you say you like a band or a musician and want to keep on getting music from them, support them by buying their CDs or you make them disappear soon. -

  • Thanks Michi, We wish you the best. Best regards from Spain. God bless you!!

Same to you my friend!
Michael Kiske

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