Something new to tell
Written by Stefano Muscariello   
Wednesday, 06 September 2006

Ciao Michi! Thanx a lot for this interview! It is very important to support you! So answer the questions you prefer.

  • 3 months are passed by the release on KISKE. How did the press received it?

 I don't follow it, so I don't know. I try not to care, but from what I hear from time to time it's going good. It needs to be heard by such which have a heart and brain for it, than it will be received well.

  • The new album is enough different from the previous albums. You have had much time to fulfil it. I think you got a good result and I think it is more complicated despite the songs are most melodic and intimate. Seems you wanted to pass on a sense of relax and certainty in your musical direction. Was this your intention?

Not to have many specific intention is more like it. I wanted to tear down final mental walls and boundaries and just let come what comes.  And it worked very well.

  • KISKE is the title of the album. Seems like a your new reborn. Am I wrong?

It certainly is a new phase as a musician in my life. It always sound a bit funny when some says this, but I think I have grown as a person, and so as a songwriter, and it's coming through. That's the whole reason for making another record: having something new to tell artistically.

  • The album is made 100% with your friends? How much important is recording an album with friendship for you?

I will never do anything else anymore. I will never be a member of any band where people don't have the necessary respect for each other. The soul gives the quality in music, so soul mates are essential.

  • What is the most representative song of the album for you and why?

I have my favourites, but it's the album in whole that is it. It has some strength in an area that is most important to me. It is emotionally on the spot; if we may say.

  • Why "The world is sad"?

The world is sad because it has lost it's spiritual meaning. So many hunt after money and mammon, believing they get fulfilled by that. You see Hollywood- or music superstars, how hard they try to come across as happy millionaires, but the next week you see the news about them having heavy depressions and crises or you hear about drug abuses etc. Everything looks so good in our superficial society, but that's just on the cover; if you look deeper, our society is rotten to the core morally. It's a long story, but just look at the youth alone! There's a lot frustration and sadness that transforms itself into different things like anger, taking drugs, becoming satanist ... The world is really sad, because it has forgotten why we are here!

  • In SING MY SONG there are these sentences: "Sing My Song - It Echoes Hard To Pinch A Part Of Freedom - If You Want It - Get It Tonight! [...] If You Don't Want It, Don't Dare To Sing My Song!" Is it directed to people who define themself your fans?

It's targeted to everyone that tries to force music under his ego or tries to make  musicians slaves oft his limited music-horizon etc-.  Anyone who works against  >musical freedom of speech< shall not sing my song(s).  Our culture meaning is 'money'. The soul of most of our music today (no matter in what style) is a money-soul. The simple essence of music-truth, that art is only real if it is born in freedom as a true expression of the strong and good human being, has become a lame promotion-lie. This song is targeted at anyone who hates me for being myself and not being his personal whore. But it shall also encourage musicians to start something real again. It is very needed!

  • In the forum you posted a message with subjec Shadows Of The Past where you say "I am NOT the sort of musician that 'serves markets'; especially not such a false art-enemy and destructive market like the Heavy-Metal market has become." I think all music markets are not too much free now. Labels want to make money, money and money... and artists too.  Is Rock/Pop Market more free than Heavy market?

No! It isn't that simple! You find true and fake in all musical styles today, but only Metal brags so loud about being so real and true, but it has (most of the time) exactly the same lame morals than the industry-driven-boygroup-crap: 'pleasing target-groups'. Far too many Metal-heads don't even know what true music is. They think if you are loud and antisocial that makes you somehow ''real'' or ''true'', but that's just a silly joke of immature minds. In fact the Metal-scene is one of the most narrow-minded and destructive music-scene on earth in my eyes! And I think I know what I am talking about. If you allow yourself a bit too much freedom and creativity, many really hate you and call you a ''betrayer''. But if being true to yourself means betrayal in Metal, maybe Metal itself is a betrayer??? ... Bands that >give the people what they want< and just reproduce they best selling records get applaus and great reviews and all that. That's not my understanding of art at all. Also as a Christian I get very sick of all this hell, evil, death, negativity and brutality glorifying sickness that is so hip in Metal. But I also want to be fair and mention that thankfully not every Metal-fan or band is like that! There are also sweet and open-minded people, and those never only listen to one style of music anyway. And no one should! It makes us music-dumb! In the end I don't give a hack about scenes or boxes or styles or critics; that's all just a big art-enemy cage.

  • Who is a perfect fan?

The one that wants and expects the musician to be real and express himself honestly and freely. It's the grown up person that likes to listen to the music of strong and real individuals to get stronger himself through it. That's (by the way) the whole meaning of any art-culture: building better and stronger human beings! And that's only possible if music is REAL and spiritually alive. Fake music with no true heart makes us also more fake and untrue. And as much as the music we are listening to is a lie, we learn to become liars through it. Art educates more that anything else! It's just that we are all so damn superficial today! So many believe the lie as long as it is comfortable and ''pleasing consumers needs''.

  • I own the japanese version of KISKE and there is a cover version of "Mary In The Morning". Why did you choose this song?

Because it's one of my favourite Elvis-recordings ever.

  • What do you do in your freetime?

Studying philosophy and anthroposophy and listening to good music. Also watching heroic movies like: Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, the Passion of Christ etc.

  • Michi, the interview is over. Now you have a place where you can say what you like. Ciao and thax again for the interview!

If people, who say that they like music, don't come back NOW supporting musicians again by buying CDs, only millionaires or people supported by major labels will be able to produce real records. The rest will have to become ''hobby-musicians'' and ''weekend-warriors''. If as a musician you don't get the necessary money in with your music, you will have to get a normal job for paying your rent. But if you work 6 days a week, you don't have much time and energy left for your music, so your music will suffer and in the end die. If people think music is not worth their money anymore, music will get cheaper and cheaper and thinner and thinner ... and than good productions will not be possible anymore. And the good stuff always dies first! I can promise you, as much as I will never fake records for the sake of getting the money in, I will also NOT become a weekend warrior; I make music 100% or I don't. I won't start making quick, cheap, weak productions. If I still don't reach enough CD-buying and supporting friends of my work, I will sooner or later make space for people who have those. Music fans must decide now if they want their musicians to be able to keep on making music or not. Because it doesn't work if everyone just takes it for free, as soon as they can. Just because you can steal the car of your neighbour doesn't mean you have to! I am really interested to see if it is possible at all to get the awareness about our music-culture-problem into people hearts again, or not. Exciting times we are living in, don't you think?

All the best!

Michael Kiske